Who has a high risk of falling at work?

Fall Risk

Is there a chance that you’ll fall down at some point every single day? The answer is yes, but most people don’t think much about this risk. 

However, many people are likely to fall down at work. One report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that nearly 262,000 U.S. workers were injured in falls in 2014. Physical therapists can help you determine if you have a high risk of falling while at work. These medical professionals can also help treat your fall-related work injuries and reduce your chances of falling at work. 

Workers who have a higher fall risk

Just about anyone can fall down at work, but there are certain workers who have an especially high risk of falling. Some of the workers who are most likely to fall down include: 

  1. Health care workers — These workers often work in cluttered and chaotic environments. The clutter means that there are more things for them to trip over. Also, their focus on patients can cause them to miss seeing objects that they then trip on. 
  1. Cleaning and maintenance personnel — People involved in building cleaning and maintenance are also more likely to trip and fall. For one thing, these workers are often working on surfaces that are slippery and wet. They also tend to use equipment like ladders that can be a source of falls. 
  1. Construction workers — Adults who work in construction may also be more susceptible to falls. One reason is that they often work on uneven surfaces. In addition, construction workers use ladders, telescoping lifts and other equipment they could fall from. 

How can physical therapy help workers reduce their fall risk?

There are many ways that physical therapists can help workers avoid falls. Some of the ways they can help with fall prevention include: 

  • Treating current injuries that make falls more likely, such as ankle sprains. 
  • Improving leg muscle strength and flexibility. 

Find help reducing your fall risk at Holland PT

Do you have issues that are increasing your risk of falling at work? Our Holland Physical Therapy team is here to help you address many problems that make you more likely to fall. We can pinpoint your issues using one of our free screenings. Next, our specialists can put together a therapy plan that targets your specific needs and goals. You’ll even be able to work with our team from home if you sign up for a virtual therapy session with us. 

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