What is causing my hip nerve pain?

Hip Nerve Pain

The simple answer to this question is that a nerve in your hip has been pinched. However, there are many issues that can lead to a pinched hip nerve and trigger hip nerve pain. 

Hip pain is a common issue; a medical study reports that hip pain affects up to 40% of adults who play sports. It’s also found in up to 15% of adults over 60. Learning the underlying issues behind your hip nerve pain is a key step toward treating it successfully. Physical therapists can help you learn some of the issues that can trigger this type of pain, and these professionals can also help you get effective treatment for your hip pain. 

Issues that can lead to hip nerve pain

Neuropathic pain occurs when one or more nerves are affected by an injury or medical condition or are directly damaged. Feeling this type of pain in your hip can be a result of: 

How can physical therapists treat your hip nerve pain?

Pinpointing the root cause of your hip pain is just the first way a physical therapist can help you. They can also construct an individualized therapy plan to treat the cause of your pain. Such a plan often makes use of therapy techniques like: 

  • McKenzie Method® sessions that can help you learn how to prevent future hip pain. 
  • Joint mobilization intended to improve the mobility in your hip joint and the surrounding soft tissue. 

Holland PT offers top-notch treatment for hip nerve pain

You don’t have to continue to suffer from neuropathic pain in your hip. Our team at Holland Physical Therapy is ready to help you find effective treatment for your pain. We’ll begin with a free screening designed to determine the underlying cause of your pain. Next, our physical therapists will construct a personalized therapy plan for you that’s intended to reduce your pain and prevent its return. You can even work with our therapists from your home by using our virtual therapy service. 

Contact our team today for more information about all the treatment options we offer for hip pain or to schedule your initial appointment.