What causes hip pain?

Hip Pain

Your hips are responsible for a lot of actions in your life. Without healthy hips, you wouldn’t be able to stand, bend over, run or lift heavy objects. Your hips are made up of many interacting bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. And when just one of them gets hurt, it can be challenging to complete any of those actions.

Minor hip pain is a normal part of life. Occasionally, you may strain muscles in that area or your hips may be sore after a long day of heavy lifting. A couple days of rest and pain medication is usually enough in these cases. However, serious and prolonged hip pain will require professional treatment.

What are the causes of chronic hip pain?

Hip pain has a number of causes and they affect everyone differently. We’ve listed four of the most common causes of hip pain below.

  1. Arthritis — Arthritis is a condition that causes the cartilage in your hip joints to wear out. When this happens, it’s difficult to use the joint and you may experience a lot of pain.

  2. Bursitis — Your hip joints are cushioned by tiny sacs of fluid called bursae. Inflammation to the bursae is known as bursitis. This may be quite painful and can result in swelling and loss of mobility.

  3. Tendinitis — Overuse of the hips can lead to inflammation of the tendons. This is known as tendinitis. It can be painful and may result in limited mobility.

  4. Fracture — An impact may cause one of the bones in your hips to fracture, and those fractures can vary in degrees of severity. Some fractures can heal on their own with the close monitoring of your doctor, while others may require surgery.


All of these causes of hip pain can be treated with physical therapy. Physical therapists can help you strengthen and stretch the muscles and tissue in your hips. This helps reduce pain and improve your support and range of motion.

In cases where surgery is necessary, you can still benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists offer pre- and post-surgical treatment options to help improve your surgical recovery.

Contact Holland Physical Therapy for hip pain treatment

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