Two tennis elbow symptoms and treatments

Tennis Elbow Symptoms and Treatment

Lateral epicondylitis is quite a mouthful, but it’s actually the medical term for what’s more commonly called tennis elbow. This condition is typically caused by some type of repetitive movement that puts pressure on the elbow. The most common repetitive motion that causes tennis elbow is hitting a tennis ball over and over, hence the name. If you’re looking for help with tennis elbow symptoms and treatments, a physical therapist can help. 

Symptoms of tennis elbow

Physical therapy is a great choice to help treat your tennis elbow symptoms, but you may be wondering what the symptoms of this condition are. There are two common symptoms that this issue causes: 

1.   Radiating pain

Tennis elbow is an injury of the tendons and muscles in the elbow, forearm and wrist. One common symptom this injury causes is pain, and the pain can feel like it’s radiating from the elbow into the forearm. You may even feel pain reaching all the way to your wrist. 

2.   Weakness

The damage to muscles and tendons also causes another symptom, and this is a weakness in the forearm and hand. The structures affected by tennis elbow also play a large role in opening and closing the hand, and this can make gripping objects like cups or doorknobs difficult when you have this injury. 

Physical therapy techniques for tennis elbow symptom treatment

There are several techniques a physical therapist can use for tennis elbow symptom treatment. However, there are two therapy methods in particular that your therapist is likely to choose. 

1.   Joint mobilization

Treating tennis elbow and its symptoms often involves using a technique called joint mobilization. This therapy method involves the therapist using their hands to move your elbow in various ways. The technique is referred to as a passive one because you won’t be asked to assist in the movements. The goal of joint mobilization is to provide benefits like reduced pain and increased range of motion. 

2.   Therapeutic exercise

People think of exercise as being used for strength building and not recovery, but therapeutic exercise is a physical therapy technique that brings both of these goals together. These exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles and tendons of your elbow and forearm. As the strength of these structures increases, the elbow becomes better supported and more stable, and this can help speed up your recovery. 

Holland Physical Therapy can help treat your tennis elbow symptoms

Need an experienced physical therapy team for your tennis elbow symptom treatment? Holland Physical Therapy is here to help you. Our team can build you a personalized therapy plan to target your symptoms, and this plan’s intended benefits will be: 

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased ability to perform normal activities
  • Preventing the injury from happening again

Do these benefits sound good to you? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.