Two of the most common types of sports injuries

Common Sports Injuries

Sports are a great way for people to increase their physical activity, but they also increase the risk of certain types of injuries. This is supported by an article from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) that claims about 8.6 million sports injuries occurred in 2014. There are two common sports injuries in particular that you want to watch out for. 

1.   Sprained ankle

Sprained ankles typically occur when the foot rotates inward or outward beyond its normal range of motion. Such movements can easily occur while playing sports like soccer, football, rugby or basketball. The abnormal rotation of your ankle typically causes ankle ligaments to stretch and tear. This can lead to a number of troublesome symptoms. 

For example, patients with sprained ankles often complain of pain, and this pain can be mild to severe depending on how serious your sprain is. Also, sprained ankles may swell and be tender to the touch. You may also find that the injured ankle is unstable, and this can make it more difficult for patients to walk or even stand. 

2.   Shin splints

Another common sports injury is medial tibial stress syndrome, which is more commonly called shin splints. This injury occurs frequently for sports players who do repetitive leg movements, and this means runners, dancers, and soccer players may be particularly likely to develop this injury. 

Shin splints lead to a number of symptoms. Patient with this condition may have swollen calves because of the inflammation this injury causes in soft tissue around the shinbone. You may also notice pain along the inside of the shinbone. This pain may get worse when the legs are exercised and feel better after a period of rest. Shin splints can also lead to stress fractures in the shinbone and continuous pain if left untreated. 

Let Holland Physical Therapy treat your common sports injuries

Physical therapy is one treatment option that can be used to treat many common sports injuries, and Holland Physical Therapy based in Holland, Michigan, offers effective treatment for these injuries. Our team will perform a one-on-one evaluation to determine what injury you have and how it’s affecting you. We’ll then create a personalized treatment plan for you, and this plan may include therapy techniques like: 

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