Two conditions that could cause knee pain when the knee is straight but not bent

knee hurts when straight but not when bent

Many people think of knee pain as something that occurs when bending the knee or putting weight on the knee. While this is true in many cases, there are also conditions that cause pain when the knee is straight but not when bent. 

Sometimes, this pain is temporary and goes away after a couple of hours or days. Other times, it might be related to something more serious. In circumstances when the pain keeps growing worse or develops other symptoms, you should visit a health care professional for treatment.

Conditions that cause pain when your knee is straight but not bent

You might feel pain when trying to straighten your knee for a number of reasons. Two of the most common conditions that cause this specific type of knee pain are:

  1. Runner’s knee — Also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, runner’s knee is a condition in which the kneecap shifts out of position, which is painful and can make it difficult to straighten the knee once after bending it.

    With this condition, the kneecap shifts out of position due to misalignment of the patellar groove. This groove is essentially a track of tendons that keep the kneecap aligned. When one side of the groove becomes too tight or too loose due to overpronation or an injury, you can develop runner’s knee.

  2. Jumper’s knee — Similarly to runner’s knee, the pain from jumper’s knee is felt around the kneecap and can be felt when trying to straighten your knee. This condition is caused by the irritation and inflammation of the tendon in your knee that connects the bottom of the kneecap to your shinbone.

    Frequent physical activities that exert immense amounts of force on the knee, such as jumping, can lead to the development of jumper’s knee.

It’s important to avoid diagnosing yourself and to visit a health care professional for an opinion when you’re suffering from knee pain that occurs when straightening your knee. Your health care provider can properly diagnose your condition and recommend the appropriate treatment, which will very likely include physical therapy. 

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