Treating Arthritis in the Hip at Holland Physical Therapy

Arthritis in the Hip

Arthritis in the hip, also known as hip osteoarthritis, is often caused when the cartilage in the hip weakens. This most commonly happens in elderly patients. However, some athletes may experience this due to constant movement in the hip joint. Arthritis in the hip can cause everyday activities such as walking to be unbearable.

At Holland Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists can help you find relief from your hip pain. We offer personalized treatment plans to help you get back on your feet.

Five factors for an effective treatment plan for arthritis in the hip 

  1. Pain management — Our therapists use different types of treatments and technologies to control your pain with hands-on therapy techniques, such as joint mobilization. Alternating ice and heat packs are beneficial as well.


  1. Mobility improvement — Our team of therapists will choose specific activities and treatments to help restore normal mobility in the leg and hip. We may also utilize sustained stretches and manual therapy techniques to move the joint and stretch the muscles around the joint.


  1. Strength improvement — Our team will teach you exercises to help restore your strength and agility. Some exercises can be done at home as part of your long-term treatment plan.


  1. Speed recovery — Our treatments and exercises can help you heal and reach your goals faster.


  1. Return to activities — Our therapists customize your treatment plan to help you return to your daily activities. Your treatment may include occupational therapy.


All of these steps put together can get you on the path to recovery at Holland Physical Therapy. After your physical examination, our team will start putting together your customized treatment plan.

If you have arthritis of the hip and would like more information on how physical therapy could help you find relief from your pain, please call Holland Physical Therapy and schedule your initial consultation today.

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