Treating arthritis in the hip at Holland Physical Therapy

Arthritis in the Hip

Arthritis in the hip causes damage to the cartilage in your hip joints, which is painful and limits your range of motion. At first, the pain might not be that severe, but over time, the pain can grow worse and keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. Eventually, it may become too much to ask for you to simply walk around for more than a few minutes or seconds without pain.

Treatment for hip arthritis varies from person to person. Some people need medications. Some may need surgery. Most can benefit from physical therapy.

Treating arthritis pain in the hip with physical therapy 

  1. Pain management — Physical therapists use different types of treatments and technologies to reduce your pain with hands-on therapy techniques, such as joint mobilization.
  1. Mobility improvement — Physical therapists can choose specific activities and treatments to help restore normal mobility in the leg and hip. They may also use sustained stretches and manual therapy techniques to move the joint and stretch the muscles around the joint.
  1. Strength improvement — Physical therapists use gentle exercises to help restore your strength and agility. Some exercises can be done at home as part of your long-term treatment plan.
  1. Speedy recovery — Physical therapy treatments and exercises can help you recover and reach your goals faster.
  1. Return to activities — Physical therapists customize your treatment plan to help you return to your daily activities. Treatment may include occupational therapy.

Visit Holland Physical Therapy for treatment for arthritis in your hip

Are you suffering from pain in your hip related to arthritis? It’s time to talk to a physical therapist about treatment. At Holland Physical Therapy, we can examine your hip to identify what your treatment needs are and how to approach your treatment. Contact our team today for more information about treating hip arthritis or to schedule an initial appointment.