Top four signs that you’ve torn your meniscus

Torn Meniscus Signs

There are many structures in the knee that can be injured and cause you knee pain, and one of these is a structure called the meniscus. This C-shaped piece of cartilage rests between the ends of the upper thighbone and the shinbone, and it acts as a shock absorber in the knee. When you rotate the knee while it’s under stress, you can tear the meniscus, and this injury has several common signs. Here are the top four signs of a torn meniscus: 

1.   Popping sensation

As mentioned above, sudden knee rotation under stress can lead to a meniscus tear, and this action is common in sports players who change direction frequently. People who can be at greater risk of this type of sports injury include soccer, football, basketball and rugby players. The most common initial sign of a torn meniscus is a popping sensation in the knee, and some people have reported that this sensation can be both heard and felt. 

2.   Pain

The second sign of a torn meniscus is pain in your knee, and this pain often makes it impossible to continue the activity that caused the injury. With rest, the pain can fade to a dull ache or even seem to go away completely. However, it can also become worse if you try to rotate or twist your knee. 

3.   Swelling

Swelling is one of the body’s natural responses to an injury, and it’s also another sign of a torn meniscus. Swelling occurs when fluid rushes to the site of the injury. The reason your body responds this way to an injury is that it wants to immobilize the injured area, but the swelling can also lead to other issues. For example, it can restrict blood vessels and irritate soft tissue, and this can slow your healing and increase the pain in your knee. 

4.   Stiffness

The fourth most common sign of a torn meniscus is stiffness in the knee. In part, this stiffness can be the result of swelling, but it can also be a natural reaction to the pain of the tear. In fact, you may try to hold the knee as stiff as possible in the belief that this will decrease your pain, but this reaction not only increases stiffness in the muscles around the knee, it can also lead to more pain. 

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