Three types of people who should choose virtual physical therapy

virtual physical therapy

Sometimes coming into the clinic for physical therapy is difficult — we get that. Whether you are dealing with a compromised immune system that limits your social interactions or you are elderly with limited transportation, coming into a clinic consistently to receive treatment can cause you some logistical stress. 

We also know that physical therapy isn’t really optional for patients who are living in chronic pain. That’s why our team at Holland Physical Therapy developed a new virtual physical therapy service that allows patients to continue (or begin) their physical therapy treatment without having to leave home. 

If you fall into one of these categories, you may want to consider virtual physical therapy for your next appointment:

  1. Immunocompromised patients — For patients who have compromised immune systems or who are generally more susceptible to illnesses (especially during COVID-19 or the flu season), receiving physical therapy from the safety of your home is a good idea. You can still receive personalized treatment without having to risk your health.
  1. Elderly patients — If you are elderly and have limited transportation, choosing virtual physical therapy may be the best option for you to continue your treatment without having to line up transportation to and from the clinic anymore.
  1. Post-surgical patients — If you’re recovering from surgery, you may find it difficult to come into the clinic for your first few physical therapy appointments. Instead, connect with one of our physical therapists via videoconference to help rebuild your strength until you can come into the clinic. 


Patients who choose virtual physical therapy still receive one-on-one, personalized appointments with our physical therapy team. The only difference is that the appointment is performed through videoconference and there is no hands-on adjustment during movements. But your physical therapist will still be able to view and correct your form during your appointment through the video platform.

To learn more about the virtual physical therapy services we offer, contact our team at Holland Physical Therapy today.