Three issues that can cause sharp pains in the kneecap

Sharp Pain in Kneecap

Many people have experienced minor knee pain before, and typically, such pain goes away with a little rest and time. However, you may not have experienced a sharp pain in the kneecap before. 

The kneecap, or patella, is a small bone that’s found at the front of your knee joint. Its purpose is twofold. First, it helps protect the soft tissue of the knee. Second, it helps connect the thigh muscles to the bones of your lower leg. There are several issues that can lead to a sharp pain in and around your kneecap, and physical therapists can help you determine which issue is affecting your knee. They can help you find effective treatment for your knee pain, too. 

These three issues could be causing the sharp pain in your kneecap

Physical therapists are well versed in the human musculoskeletal system, and this system includes all the structures in your knee joints. This knowledge allows your physical therapist to pinpoint the cause of the sharp pain in or around your kneecap. Some common issues that your specialist may find are: 

  1. Patellar bursitis — There are several bursae on or near the kneecap. These structures help reduce friction between the kneecap and the soft tissue that covers it. Patellar bursitis occurs when one of the kneecap bursae becomes inflamed or irritated. 
  1. Patellofemoral pain syndrome — This issue is a common source of knee pain in athletes. Patellofemoral pain syndrome occurs when the soft tissue around the kneecap becomes inflamed. Often, it causes a dull, aching pain at the front of the knee; however, this pain can become sharper during certain movements, like going up stairs. 
  1. Patellar tendinitis — This condition affects that tendon that connects the kneecap to your shinbone. Patellar tendinitis occurs when this tendon is inflamed by repetitive movements that put excessive strain on the knee. 

What can physical therapists do to treat your pain?

There are many ways that physical therapists can treat pain in or around the kneecap. Some of the techniques your therapist may use to help you include: 

  • Joint mobilization intended to improve flexibility in the soft tissue in and around the knee. 

Holland Physical Therapy offers treatment for sharp pain in the kneecap

Are you experiencing sharp pain in or around your kneecap? Our physical therapy experts at Holland PT are ready and willing to help you reduce your pain. We offer free screenings designed to reveal the source of your knee pain. Also, our physical therapists are adept at creating individualized therapy plans designed to offer benefits like: 

  • Decreasing your current pain.
  • Reducing your risk of future pain. 
  • Improving knee flexibility and function. 
  • Increasing your ability to walk and do other normal daily tasks.

Is your knee pain keeping you stuck at home? No problem! Our team offers virtual therapy that allows you to get help for your knee pain without leaving home. 

Contact our team today for more information about our treatment options for knee problems or to schedule your initial appointment.