Three factors that can affect hip bursitis recovery times

Hip Bursitis Recovery Time

Walking, running, sitting down, standing up. All these normal daily movements are much easier thanks to your hip joints. However, they can become much more difficult to perform when you’re dealing with hip bursitis. 

According to one medical article, up to 15% of adults over 60 have hip pain. The same article reports that issues like trochanteric or hip bursitis become more common as you age. In many cases, hip bursitis can be effectively treated using physical therapy, but there are several factors that could affect the time it takes you to recover from hip bursitis. 

Three factors that often affect hip bursitis recovery times

Trochanteric bursitis occurs when the bursa located at the point of your hip becomes inflamed. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that help reduce friction between soft tissue and bones, and the hip bursa in question does so for the iliotibial (IT) band and the top of the thighbone. 

Typically, recovering from hip bursitis can take an average of six weeks, but there are many factors that can affect your hip bursitis recovery time. Three of the most common of these are: 

  1. Age — As the body ages, it has more and more trouble dealing with injuries. Often, your body has a decreased ability to produce new cells needed to heal injuries as you get older. Age-related hormone changes and the breakdown of collagen can also lead to slower healing times. 
  1. Other hip conditions — If your body is dealing with bursitis and another hip condition, it could take longer to recover from bursitis. For instance, many people have hip osteoarthritis. This condition causes inflammation in the hip joint, and dealing with this inflammation can decrease the body’s ability to also deal with bursa inflammation. Gout and IT band injuries can cause the same issue. 
  1. Using physical therapy — Physical therapy can offer many benefits to patients with hip bursitis. This treatment option can help reduce inflammation and pain, and it can improve hip mobility and flexibility as well. Getting benefits like this from your physical therapy can add up to decreased recovery time if you have hip bursitis. 

Holland Physical Therapy can help reduce your hip bursitis recovery time

Are you looking for a physical therapy team that can decrease your hip bursitis recovery time? Holland Physical Therapy has a team that’s ready and willing to help. Our team offers complimentary screenings that can help you begin your therapy faster. We also create therapy plans that are personalized to each patient, and these plans are designed to help you recover as quickly as possible. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can treat hip bursitis or to schedule an initial appointment. 

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