Three common issues caused by arthritis in the hip

Arthritis in the Hip

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to help with arthritis in the hip, you may not think anything can help. But, our team can show you that help is possible.

At Holland Physical Therapy, our team is here to help you with your physical therapy needs. In fact, we’ve made it our goal to bring the highest quality physical therapy to the Holland, Michigan area. To achieve this goal, we always focus on our patients as individuals.

This is why our initial evaluation is such an important part of the therapy process here. It allows us to determine how your arthritis is affecting you. Furthermore, it allows us to build you a physical therapy plan that may help you deal with the three main problems of arthritis in the hip.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis in the hip is a condition that can seriously affect your daily life. Our team wants to help you understand this condition and the main problems it presents for you.

Arthritis in the hip is caused by the natural degeneration of the cartilage that lines the hip joint. This degeneration is a natural side effect of the aging process. As your condition worsens, you may even experience grinding and wearing in your hip bones. In addition, you may have bony spurs that form around your joints.

The three common issues caused by arthritis in the hip

Clearly, hip arthritis is a serious condition, and there are three main problems that this condition causes. The first problem caused by hip arthritis is inflammation and pain. These are the result of the wear-and-tear of this condition. Inflammation and pain can cause you to want to move around less, and it’s this desire to move less that can actually lead to the other two main problems of hip arthritis.

The second problem that hip arthritis presents is that the muscles, tendons and ligaments in and around your hip joint become tight. This tightness is generally caused by a lack of movement from inflammation and pain. The tightness in these structures can also lead to further limitations in joint movement.

The final problem that hip arthritis can have is also caused by you’re not wanting to move because of inflammation and pain. This problem is that the lack of movement weakens muscles in the buttocks and hip rotators. The weakness of these muscles, in turn, further effects the alignment of your hips and can cause your condition to worsen further.

Although these problems may seem too serious for you to deal with, the team at Holland Physical Therapy can help you. We can create a physical therapy plan that may help you address all three of these problems. Indeed, our plans may help you get benefits such as:

  • Improving the mobility of your joints
  • Reducing your pain and inflammation
  • Strengthening joint-supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments

If you’re ready to start addressing the problems presented by arthritis in the hip, contact our team at Holland Physical Therapy today.

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