Three Benefits of Treating Your TMJ Pain with Physical Therapy

TMJ Pain

Physical therapy probably isn’t the first type of treatment you think of for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. You may first consider making use of home remedies or even a visiting your doctor or dentist. However, physical therapy for your TMJ pain can have several benefits for you.

At Holland Physical Therapy, our team brings superb-quality physical therapy services to all our patients. Our patient-centric philosophy is an important part of our physical therapy practice. It all starts with an initial one-to-one evaluation. This first session will help us determine what your condition is and what parts of your body it’s affecting. Once we know what’s wrong, we’ll build you a personalized physical therapy plan to fit your issues. Our team can help you develop a plan to tackle even the worst TMJ pain.

Benefits of physical therapy-based TMJ pain treatment

Although TMJ pain is centered in the jaw joint, the cause of this pain may involve other head or neck structures. Misaligned jaw or neck muscles may cause jaw pain. Another structure that may be causing your pain is an injured tendon. 

By collaborating with your doctor or dentist, we can create a physical therapy plan to assist you with your pain. Our programs use only research-based physical therapy techniques, and these techniques have been proven to ease the pain. Using research-based therapies, we’ve seen an approximately 80% improvement rate among our patients with TMJ pain. 

Aside from our improvement rate, there are three primary benefits of using physical therapy to treat your TMJ issues. These three benefits are as follows:

  • It can help improve the mobility in your jaw.
  • Physical therapy techniques realign muscles and tendons that may be causing your pain.
  • Our methods can help to strengthen the muscles that support your jaw.

These three benefits are vital to your treatment. It’s because of them that we may be able to help reduce or even get rid of your TMJ pain. We may also be able to help you deal with your pain without potentially addictive pain medications.

For more information about how we can assist you with your TMJ pain or to schedule an initial evaluation, contact our team at Holland Physical Therapy today.

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