Physical therapists can help with chronic headache treatment

Chronic Headache Treatment

You’re at work or at home minding your own business, and suddenly, it hits you. Your daily headache. Unfortunately, this scenario is being played out for many people across the country. However, a physical therapist can help you find chronic headache treatment designed to make the daily headache a thing of your past.

What could be causing your chronic headaches

Many people assume that chronic headaches begin in the head. After all, they are called headaches. Many patients are surprised when our team at Holland Physical Therapy focuses their chronic headache treatment on the neck.

The reason we do this is because many patients with chronic headaches are suffering from an undiagnosed neck problem. One neck issue that can cause recurring headaches is whiplash. Whiplash is a condition where the head is forced to move back and forth rapidly, and this movement can damage muscles and other structures in the neck. This condition is typically caused by either a car accident or playing sports. If left untreated, the damage caused by whiplash can lead to muscle tension and pain that turns into chronic headaches.

Another reason your neck may be the cause of your chronic headaches is you have poor posture. The increased use of handheld devices is one reason poor neck posture is a growing problem. In fact, this type of bad posture has even been dubbed “text neck” because of its relationship to cellphones and other handheld devices. Poor neck posture often causes daily headaches when untreated. This is because it places a high level of strain on the muscles of the neck that leads to chronic tension and pain.

Physical therapy techniques used in chronic headache treatment

There are many physical therapy techniques our therapists can use to help treat your chronic headaches. For instance, trigger point therapy is a common technique used in this type of treatment.

Trigger points are areas of tension that build up in a muscle. In the case of people suffering from chronic headaches, these areas of tension are often centered in the neck muscles. Using their hands, physical therapists can apply specific levels of pressure to trigger points. This pressure is designed to relieve the tension built up at trigger points. By relieving this tension, therapists may also be able to restore normal neck movement and reduce the likelihood of future headaches.

In addition to trigger point therapy, our therapists at Holland Physical Therapy also have other techniques at their disposal. Some of the methods we may use to treat chronic headaches include:

Are you ready to find chronic headache treatment that’s effective for you? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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