How to relieve ankle pain with physical therapy

Ankle Pain

Your ankles are very tough joints. The majority of your body weight rests upon them and they still have to be mobile enough so you can get around. Add running and jumping to the mix, and it’s no wonder that most of us experience ankle pain at some point in our lives.

Many cases of ankle pain are minor. Sometimes, the ankles get sore after a long day of standing or physical activity. Usually, this kind of pain is treatable with rest and home remedies. However, severe or long-lasting ankle pain may require professional treatment.

Treating ankle pain with physical therapy

Many people with ankle pain visit physical therapists for treatment. Physical therapists specialize in treating conditions that affect the bones, joints, muscles and soft tissue in your body. These treatments are usually preferable because they do not involve the use of medications or surgical procedures.

Physical therapists have different ways of treating ankle pain. If you visit a physical therapist at Holland Physical Therapy for treatment, your treatment will vary depending on the cause and severity of your pain.

Many of our treatments for ankle pain include:

  • Massage — Physical therapists may use gentle motions and mobilizations of the joint and soft tissue in your ankle. These can reduce pain and help improve your healing by stimulating the movement of fluids and blood.

  • Stretching and exercising — The goal of many physical therapy treatments is to strengthen and stretch the muscles and soft tissue in the ankle. This provides better support for the ankle while it recovers and helps lessen pain.

  • Orthopedics — Physical therapists can recommend inserts and footwear that can assist in your recovery. They may also recommend footwear to use after you recover to provide better support for your ankles and lower the risk of future ankle injuries.

Visit Holland Physical Therapy for ankle pain treatment

Our physical therapists at Holland Physical Therapy specialize in these treatments and more for treating ankle pain. Contact us today to learn more about treating your ankles with physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.

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