How can I stop tension headaches?

How to Stop Tension Headaches

The answer to this question may be slightly different for everyone. After all, the trigger for your tension headaches may be different from someone else’s, but physical therapists can offer some general tips about how to stop tension headaches. 

Unfortunately, many of us might require such tips. The reality is that tension headaches are a common problem, and it’s reported that about 40% of the world’s population has an active tension headache at any given time. Here are three tips our physical therapists offer on how to stop tension headaches: 

  1. Stay hydrated — A lack of water, or dehydration, causes body tissues to shrink. This shrinking can cause tension in the suboccipital muscles that connect the neck and head. In turn, the tension can trigger a headache. 
  1. Be aware of your posture — The muscles that hold up your neck and head can easily become tense if you aren’t practicing good posture. Your goal should be to sit with your head centered over your shoulders. Forward tilting of the head is especially likely to lead to overworked muscles that can set off a tension headache. 
  1. Take a break from your computer — Working on a computer for long periods can strain your eyes. It’s not uncommon for eye strain to trigger a tension headache, but you can reduce your risk of this trigger by taking frequent breaks from staring at your computer. 

How physical therapists can work to stop tension headaches

These tips can help you reduce your tension headaches on your own. But if you’re still experiencing tension headaches, you may want to meet with a physical therapist. These specialists can design a custom therapy plan for you, and this plan can help reduce your headache symptoms and frequency with therapy methods like: 

Find out how to stop your tension headaches with help from Holland PT

Ready to have fewer tension headaches? Our physical therapists at Holland Physical Therapy are ready to help you treat the root cause of your headaches. First, we’ll do a free screening on you to determine what the underlying cause of your headaches is. Then, our specialists will build you an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms and decrease your headache frequency. You can even get our help right from your home if you use our virtual therapy service. 

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