Helpful fibromyalgia treatment is available in Holland, MI

Fibromyalgia Treatment

You may have noticed that fibromyalgia has caused a decreased ability to move. However, your current treatment program may not be addressing this problem. Physical therapists from our team at Holland Physical Therapy can design a physical therapy plan to supplement the fibromyalgia treatment plan you’re already using.

Why physical therapy is helpful for fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia is an incurable condition that revolves around several specific symptoms. The most noticeable of these symptoms is widespread pain felt throughout your body. The pain is also accompanied by fatigue and trouble sleeping. Many fibromyalgia patients also experience memory or mood issues.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia can lead to a loss of function that traditional treatments don’t typically address. Decreased function is common when people are experiencing pain. This is because we tend to hold painful areas of our body still. By holding the painful area still, people believe their level of pain will be reduced. However, holding muscles in one position actually increases tension, decreases their ability to move and can also lead to increased pain.

Physical therapy techniques that can help with loss of function

There are many physical therapy techniques that can be added to fibromyalgia treatment plans to treat loss of muscle function. One of the most common techniques used is low-impact cardio.

Increasing how much you move is a great way to deal with losses in muscle function. However, you’ll need to move in ways that don’t increase the pain you’re feeling from your fibromyalgia. Our physical therapists at Holland Physical Therapy can help you find low-impact cardio options designed to get you moving.

At the same time, these methods will be less likely to place heavy levels of stress on your body. For instance, we may have you walk on a treadmill for a while during your therapy sessions. Another low-impact option we may include in your plan is aquatic therapy.

Besides low-impact cardio, our team can use other physical therapy techniques to help you, including:

If you live in Holland, Michigan, and fibromyalgia has reduced your ability to move, Holland Physical Therapy is here to help you. In fact, we can work with you and your primary care doctor to add helpful physical therapies to your fibromyalgia treatment program. To begin your physical therapy with us, you’ll have to start with one step.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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