Physical Therapy Tips

Five tips to a successful physical therapy program in Holland, MI

April 6th, 2019

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who specialize in a variety of techniques for reducing pain and improving range of motion. If you live in the Holland, Michigan, area and have been injured or are suffering from chronic pain, you should visit a physical therapist for treatment. Our physical therapists at Holland Physical Therapy are highly

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Physical Therapy

The secret to improving your quality of life: Physical therapy in Holland, MI

February 6th, 2019

Physical therapy is often associated with recovering from an injury or from surgery. While it’s true that physical therapy helps in these areas, it can do much more. You may want physical therapy for a number of reasons. You may be an athlete who wants to improve your performance. Or, you want to put off

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Important Questions

Three questions to ask your physical therapist in Holland, MI

January 1st, 2019

When rehabbing from an injury or surgery in the Holland, Michigan area, you want to be sure that you are receiving the best care possible. Patients may be reluctant to ask questions and just have a go-with-the-flow attitude. Holland Physical Therapy encourages patients to ask questions and offers three questions you should ask your physical

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