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Make It a Family Affair: Benefits of Active Children

Photo By: Pixabay As adults, we are well aware that if we spend all of our free time lounging on the couch, our waistline, as well as our health, will take a hit. For children, the temptation to sit in front of the television or play video games is strong. Without motivation to move, it’s […]

Pilates Enhances Performance of your “Machine”

Your body is an elegantly designed machine. Machines are designed so that each part works correctly in relation to the other parts. Then the machine runs efficiently, is functional, long-lasting and durable. Pilates-based exercise can help your body to be the most functional machine possible. Most people have heard of Pilates but struggle to describe […]

The Top 6 Reasons for Achilles Pain and What You Can Do About It

Are you tired of dealing with persistent and chronic Achilles pain? There is research to show that there are many physical therapy treatments to decrease both acute and chronic Achilles pain. Chronic Achilles and heel pain is a very common complaint among many runners and non-runners with an incidence of 7-9% of all runners annually.  […]

Are There Rocks Loose in My Head?

Have you ever woken up and sat up in bed only to feel as if the room is spinning rapidly around you whirling you into a state of nausea and disequilibrium? Where did this come from? What happened last night that brought you into this unwanted tilt-a-whirl? These sensations can be explained simply, you have […]