Benefits of Physical Therapy for Arthritis in the Hip

Arthritis in the Hip

If you have arthritis in your hip joints, then you may have tried many ways to treat your condition. However, you may not have considered physical therapy to treat your condition. You may not even know the benefits that it could have for you and your quality of life.

At Holland Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists is ready to help you with your hip issues. Our policy is that your needs are our number one priority. This policy ensures that your physical therapy with us will be as helpful as possible.

The first step in your physical therapy process is an initial evaluation. During this evaluation, one of our therapists will examine you. This will allow us to determine how severe your condition is and what parts of your body it’s affecting. Using this information, we’ll work with you to create a beneficial physical therapy plan that targets the arthritis in your hip.

Benefits you may experience from physical therapy for arthritis in the hip

Arthritis in the hip can be a painful condition for you to deal with, and it can affect you constantly in your daily life. The Holland Physical Therapy team knows that issues with your hips can be problematic, and we’re here to help you find relief. 

The hip joint handles many of the movements your body makes during normal activities. One of these common movements is sitting. Another everyday movement your hip takes part in is walking. Other movements that involve your hip joint include standing up, squatting down and bending at the waist.

Unfortunately, this continual usage can cause a problem. We know that the cartilage around your hip joint tends to degenerate over the years. This degeneration, in turn, can lead to a variety of symptoms. Increased stiffness in your hip joint is one symptom of hip cartilage degeneration. You may also notice weakness in the muscles of your buttocks. Finally, you may experience mild to severe pain in your hips from hip arthritis.

If you’re dealing with these symptoms, a physical therapy plan from our team at Holland Physical Therapy may be able to benefit you. Some of the benefits that physical therapy may bring you if you have hip arthritis include:

  • Improvements in the amount of mobility in your hip joints
  • Increases in the range of motion of your hips
  • Strengthening the supporting muscles in your buttocks, core and legs
  • A shorter recovery process if you must have hip replacement surgery

These four benefits of a Holland Physical Therapy program for arthritis in the hip may lead to even more benefits. You may experience significant reductions in your hip pain, as well as notice improvements in your independence and increases in your daily quality of life.

Ready to get started with your physical therapy treatment for arthritis in the hip? Contact our team at Holland Physical Therapy today.

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