Athletic Performance & Wellness

Ruth Pratt, PTA and certified pilates instructor, offers private and semi-private pilates (machine and mat) sessions at Holland Physical Therapy.

These sessions will identify and systematically improve deficits in flexibility, strength and core stability. Emphasis is placed on R to L body balance. Clients will develop muscle tone and definition without creating bulk. A developed powerhouse makes normal activities easier and should improve athletic performance. Every program is personalized to each client and his/her strengths, weaknesses, pre-existing injuries, and each person’s unique goals.


1 hour individual session: $55

1 hour session for a group of 2: $65

Reduced Rate Packages:

Package of 4 one hour individual sessions: $200 ($5 off per class)

Package of 8 one hour individual sessions: $360 ($10 off per class)

*Gift Certificates Available.