Are there any in-home physical therapy services near me?

in home physical therapy services near me

This has been the million-dollar question since our shelter-at-home orders began. Patients still need to receive physical therapy services so they can find relief from their chronic aches and pains, but how do you do that without risking your health and the health of others around you? 

At Holland Physical Therapy, we echo your concerns. That’s why we’ve launched a virtual physical therapy option that allows you to connect to one of our physical therapists from the comfort and safety of your own home. So whether we are still under shelter-in-place orders or you’re just looking for a little bit more convenience in life, virtual physical therapy services will help you reach your recovery goals in a way that best fits into your current lifestyle.

What to expect from virtual physical therapy

Even though you won’t be in the same room as your physical therapist, you will still receive personalized training specific to your recovery goals. Once you schedule an appointment with our team, you will be emailed a link and instructions on how to log on to our secured video platform designed for physical therapy appointments. When it’s time for your appointment, simply log in and connect with your physical therapist. 

A few things to note prior to your appointment:

  • You will need access to the internet and a device that connects to the internet and has video capabilities.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or that you have a charger readily available, so you can complete your physical therapy session with no interruptions. 
  • Have a clear space in your home where you can move and exercise without any hindrance. 
  • You should have a place where you can prop your device so your physical therapist can see your movements to ensure you are using the correct form. 

If you are interested in learning more about the virtual physical therapy services we offer that you can perform in your own home, contact our team at Holland Physical Therapy today.