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At Holland Physical Therapy, quality of care, good outcomes, and customer service are the number one priorities. We are orthopedic specialists who treat using evidence-based manual therapy and therapeutic exercise with a focus on long-term independence and pain-free function. We want you to achieve optimal health as related to your unique goals.

Every patient is unique, so your treatment should be too. Not every clinic or physical therapist is the same and we would love to show you the difference; at Holland Physical Therapy, we are highly trained, motivated, and passionate about what we do. Let us show you why you need to see us.

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What People say about us

“Ford’s professionalism and true concern for his patients is obvious by the detail and care he provides with each appointment…”

Cathy Kehoe

“I was struggling with lower back problems which caused problems with my legs. After several PT visits, the chronic problem has gone from me being about 60% as functional as I once was to 95% of my old function in my legs…”

Fred Jaeger

“Ford’s expertise, expansive knowledge base, compassion and dedication were second-to-none, and it was quite apparent during our sessions. I wholeheartedly believe that my recovery time would not have been as progressive as it was had it not been for his understanding of my situation and his willingness to work within the scope of my means…”

Penny Berger

“Not only did Ford treat my work injuries, but we built a relationship where we discovered a lot of the sources of my current chronic pain. He pushed me and pushed me hard, but it was worth it. I’ve learned a lot about my body because of Ford; because of him my pain has subsided. I have been able to regain movement and strength and even play like a younger me…”

Kiuan Hearns M.A. LLPC

“Mr. Reinink quickly diagnosed the cause of the problem, and with a combination of precise stretching and special exercises, he was able to completely remove the pain and restore my range of motion…”

Jim Peterson

“…By the end of my therapy experience, Ford gave me the tools to independently manage and improve my symptoms and I’m now able to consistently run a 10k distance without pain. I had a great experience with Ford and I recommend him to any of my friends that are in need of physical therapy services.”

Alex Macken

“…Ford’s exercises and methodology helped my problems tremendously and I have implemented them into my daily health routine. I highly recommend Ford to my family, friends, and anyone I meet who has PT needs. He is truly one of the nation’s best.”

Jenna Thayer

“I have received treatment from many other therapists and specialists in the past for my knee pain and Ford truly was the only one that addressed the underlying causes of my pain, which in turn helped with alleviating symptoms…”

Elizabeth A. Rexroat

“Getting to my age, parts start going bad, and I have the need to visit the physical therapist. I have never met one, until Ford Reinink, that has the combination of passion for fixing things and the intricate knowledge of anatomy and physiology to make it happen. He has helped me get rid of multiple vexing problems and he does it with the patience of job.”

John J.

“…I have no reservations endorsing Ford Reinink as a physical therapist based on my experience both as a referring provider and as a former patient. In fact when my wife was prescribed physical therapy by her orthopedic physician, I was sure to have her set an appointment with Ford.”

Troy D. Silvernale, D.O., M.P.H.

“I developed chronic foot, knee and back problems in the last 2 years and was fortunate to be referred to Ford Reinink. His thorough knowledge of physical therapy enabled  him to develop a treatment regimen that has allowed me to resume skiing, hiking, biking, and kayaking without pain. As a physician I appreciate his clinical knowledge and skills, as a patient I appreciate his engaging style and enthusiasm. I have recommended him highly to my colleagues and patients.”

Dr. Steven Ashmead MD