At Holland Physical Therapy, quality of care, good outcomes, and customer service are the number one priorities.


    We are orthopedic specialists who treat using evidence-based manual therapy & therapeutic exercise,


    Holland Physical Therapy focuses on long-term independence and pain-free function. We aim to help you meet your long-term health goals.

More flexible than ever!

So grateful for the expertise of Ford & the team at Holland Physical Therapy. They guided me back to being healthy and equipped me with greater understanding of proper movement and flexibility.

Brian V.

Holland PT is the best I've seen!

I am a 48-year-old disabled veteran with several surgeries under my belt. I can confidently say that Ford and his team at Holland PT are the best I’ve seen. From the very first minute, it was clear that they were fully, and genuinely invested in my healing. Their hands-on skills are exceptional, and the clinic environment is simply awash in positive, optimistic energy.

Brian W.

High level of competence & professionalism!

Holland Physical Therapy has a high level of competence and skill with their therapists and support personnel. Ford Reinink PT, DPT is an extremely talented health professional. I can’t thank him enough.

Gregg K.

Skiing, hiking, biking, & kayaking without pain!

I developed chronic foot, knee and back problems in the last 2 years and was fortunate to be referred to Ford Reinink. His thorough knowledge of physical therapy enabled him to develop a treatment regimen that allowed me to resume skiing, hiking, biking, and kayaking without pain.

Dr. Steven Ashmead MD

Stop letting pain keep you from activities.

Let Holland Physical Therapy show you why you need to see us.


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